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The presentation of our reasearch activities is an important part of our work. Doing so we keep in contact with the industry and its latest technologies.

Publications/ Reports/ Speaches (extract)

  • Euromed 2008 Conference. Desalination Cooperation among Mediterranean Countries of Europe and the MENA Region (Nov 9-13, 2008) King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center, Dead Sea, Jordan “The Solar Water Projects Integrated Solar Power, Water and Chill Production”
  • Hannover Messe Indutrie / Forum 10000 Solar Gigawatts (2007-04) “Combined Heat, Power, Desalination and District Cooling with CSP”
  • dena/bfai Informationsveranstaltung Erneuerbare Energien in Jordanien, Syrien und Libanon (2008-04) “Erneuerbare Energien in der EU-MENA-Region: Nachfrage, Potenzial, Technologien und Projekte im Bereich Solarthermische Kraftwerke”
  • German Egyptian Year of Science and Technology, Cairo University (2007-11) “The Solar Water Projects. Integrated Solar Production of Power, Water and Cooling Energy”
  • MENAREC-4 in Damascus, Syria (2007-06) “Integrated Solar Power, Water and Chill Production”
  • AHKdena-SAUDI in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2007-05) “Integrated Solar Power, Water and Chill Production”
  • Exportforum Renewable Energies in Hanover, Germany (2007-04) “Integrierte solare Strom-, Wasser- und Lälteerzeugung, am Beispiel eines Hotel Resorts in Aqaba, Jordanien”
  • EDS Conference / Desalination Paper (2007-04)
  • AHKdena-EGYPT in Cairo, Egypt (2007-03) “Large solar thermal power systems”
  • Clean Energy Power in Berlin, Germany (2007-01) “Solar Thermal Power Plants with sea-water desalination”
  • UNU Conference in Amman, Jordan (2006-07) “The future of Aqaba… is shining bright”
  • World Energy Dialog in Hanover, Germany (2006-04) “CSP Projects in MENA: on the way and future opportunities”
  • AHKdena-USA in SanFrancisco (2006-03) “taking the solar opportunity: water for life.chill for living.electricity for work”

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BMU: Renewable Energies: Solar Thermal Power plants
VDI/VDE Innovation+Technik GmbH
DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
DLR Solarthermal
DLR Study MED-CSP : ‘Concentrating Solar Power for the Mediterranean Region’
DLR Study TRANS-CSP: ‘Trans-Mediterranean interconnection for Concentrating Solar Power’
FVS Forschungsverbund Sonnenenergie
Plataforma Solar die Almeria
European Commission - energy research - Concentrated Solar Power
SCHOTT AG, Business Unit Solar


EC: European Research on Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy
Sarasin: Solarenergie - ungetrübter Sonnenschein?
greenpeace: ‘Solar Thermal Power 2020’ report
BMU: Concentrating Solar Power Now” - Broschüre zu solarthermischen Kraftwerken
BINE: Projekt-Info “Solarthermische Kraftwerke”
WBGU: Welt im Wandel - Energiewende zur Nachhaltigkeit, Berlin 2003