kernenergien | solar sutainable strategy

Competences and services of kernenergien

Strategic counselling
Conception and feasibility studies
Project development and implementation
Technical design, planning and engineering

As an independent consultant, kernenergien offers each client strategic counselling, a detailed conception of the project and its feasibility. Then, kernenergien develops and implements the project and arranges the technical planing and the engineering.

kernenergien can be characterised by an outstanding combination of the following core competences

  • high degree of specialisation in the field of solar power plants
  • comprehensive coverage of all planning activities and phases
  • independency of technologies and products

We propose the following procedure and milestones towards a determined development

  • Initial consultation
  • Definition of consultancy process
  • Feasibility study
  • Basic engineering

After a first consultation on the base of a personal meeting, a specific design study is done for each client to calculate the cash-flow and return of investment and to identify the most cost effective technological solutions offered by industry.

Each project and each region has its own specificity - the best way to get adequate information and counselling is to arrange an appointment.