kernenergien | solar sutainable strategy

Potential of Concentrating Solar Power

Ecological, economical and social sustainability can only be achieved with renewable energies. A balanced mixture of renewable energies is able to provide base, middle and peak load and has by far the potential to provide renewable electricity for Northern Europe.

potentials.jpg This is confessed in “Concentrating Solar Power for the Mediterranean Region” (MED-CSP), a study financed by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and led by international scientists led of the DLR in Stuttgart.

The focus of this study lies in the electricity and water supply of the Mediterranean Region (South Europe, North Afrika, Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula).

In spite of the fossil energy sources the supply through a renewable mixture will even be the most cost-efficient version on a medium term. Although at the start of the market introduction of renewable energies public financial aid is necessary, a long term subsidy of renewable energies like for fossil and nuclear power is not needed. The specific costs of renewable electricity will reach the same level in 2020 as the costs of fossil energies. After that, renewable energies will be cheaper.